Traffic Ticket – Do You Just Pay It or Opt For Court?

I totally forgot to tell you all about the traffic ticket I was issued a couple of weeks ago when we traveled down state to IKEA! Mistakenly I turned right on a red light at the intersection that does not allow for that. I had absolutely no idea and was shocked to see red lights […]

We Are So Thankful for the Money We Saved All Year – Are You?

It is the most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes. We believe that too; we are huge Christmas people….and that means just like you we are busy in December. We’ve totally fallen off the bandwagon of the 52 Week Saving Challenge, but hopefully you have not. What we are is GRATEFUL that […]

Swagbucks Amazon & Target Gift Cards On Sale

Are you a Swagbucks fan? If so, hop on over to your Swagbucks account and you may decide it is time to redeem some of your points for an Amazon or Target gift card. That is because Amazon & Target gift cards on sale at Swagbucks (they are showing up 12% off in our account)! […]

Bookroo Children’s Book Club Box – A Big Hit

Do you know about Bookroo children’s book club box subscriptions? We told you about Bookroo a while ago here. Just this past weekend we had the pleasure of gifting a Bookroo box to our niece who is just about to turn 4. She loves story time and spending time cuddling up with adults while they […]

Sun Tail Mermaid Tails & Shark Tails – Review & Discount Code

Sun Tail mermaid tails and shark tails were on our radar since last year. After seeing this product online and reading about the fun kids and teens were having using their Sun Tails mermaid tails (and shark tails), we were intrigued. Have you seen this video clip of the Sun Tails in action? We just […]

Groupon Coupon – Save 20% (Elf the Musical at the Fox Theatre in Detroit Included)

Are you looking for a little Christmasy fun this season? Right now there is a Groupon coupon code that will save you 20% off. Use code NOV20 when you shop on Groupon here. You can use the Groupon coupon code to save on restaurants, spas, things to do and more. Included in this promo are […]

Thrifty Recipe Idea: Thick and Hearty Chili

Looking for a thrifty recipe idea? Thick and Hearty Chili is one of our favorite cold weather meals, and we love to make a nice big pot of it and feast on it over a couple of days.  It’s a really thrifty dish too, with most of the items probably already in your stockpile! If […]

Exclusive Discount Code for Sun Tails – Mermaid Tails

This looks like a wonderful holiday gift idea! Make your little girls dream come true with a Sun Tail! Imagine her swimming with the swimmable mermaid tails and mermaid flippers by Sun Tail Mermaid! We love that these mermaid tails are soft, comfortable, and come in a wide variety of designs and colors. They are […]

Easy Cash Back from Ebates When You Shop Online + $10 Bonus

Are you earning easy cash back from Ebates when you shop online? Do you know about Ebates? (If not, you are missing the boat on free money). Every time you shop online you could be earning a bit of cash back on your purchase automatically when you sign up for Ebates and use their page […]

Will You Be Paying Cash for Christmas?

Will you be paying cash for Christmas this year? I just happened to see that Christmas is a measly 60 some days away! What do I mean by paying cash for Christmas? I mean will you be able to buy all your holiday gifts & buy all the food and beverages needed for your holiday […]