Set Money Aside For the Holidays or Vacation – Week 16

Are you committed to set money aside for the holidays or vacation or some other special reason? Is your method of saving the 52 Week Saving Challenge like it is for us? If so – we think you are brilliant! This is week 16 of the challenge, so take a minute and set aside your […]

Cricut Explore Design & Cut System Just $89.99 at Menards After Rebate

Crafty peeps – there is a great deal on the Cricut Explore Design & Cut System at Menards this week, after rebate. The system is on sale for $199.99 and you can submit for a $100 Menards Rebate. Plus, there is an additional 11% rebate on everything at Menards which drops the final price of […]

Lean Ground Turkey (90/10) For $1.86 Per Pound – Or Less

Where are my Zaycon Fresh peeps? Celebrate the lean ground turkey sale at Zaycon Fresh and pay just $1.86 per pound with code TURKDEAL if you order by 4/20/17. And if you have NEVER ordered from Zaycon Fresh before (say what??) you can use code PT20 instead and save 20% (so your price per pound […]

Zaycon Fresh New Member Discount – Save 20%

How about a Zaycon Fresh new member discount code? Did that grab your attention? For the past few years Zaycon Fresh is the only place we buy our boneless, skinless chicken breasts and ground beef. It is farm fresh and delivered locally plus the pricing fits right in our budget. Here is a video to […]

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System With Starter Kit – Amazon Hot Deal

We’ve been mulling over getting the FoodSaver vacuum sealing system for over a year, but didn’t want to drop nearly $100 on it. Today may be the day – it is Amazon’s Deal of the Day and you can snag the FoodSaver vacuum sealing system with starter kit for just $56.49. Free shipping is included […]

Good Friday Reminder – And Easter Wishes

Today is Good Friday, the Friday before Easter. Whatever your plans are for this weekend we hope it involves giggles and fun and relaxation. We are hosting our annual Easter Egg Hunt for our family (25+ people) tomorrow. Speaking of that, if you are hosting your own egg hunt be sure and check out our […]

Free 1 Year Shoprunner Subscription (Free Shipping at 140+ Stores)

Awesome free 1 year Shoprunner subscription offer popped up in our email today and we wanted to share it with you. Years ago when Shoprunner launched we had a free 1 year subscription to the service and found it really useful. Because we are frugal, when the free term expired we did not renew. Shoprunner […]

13 Easter Egg Hunt Tips For a Perfect Hunt

For the past 16 years or so we have organized an Easter Egg Hunt for our nieces and nephews.  What started out as a small activity for just a couple of youngsters has grown and expanded into a family affair that involves both sides of our family including 7 kids under 18 and 12 adults […]

Kellogg’s Family Rewards Code – 100 Points

If you are a Kellogg’s Family Rewards member you will want to log into your account and enter the code below to earn an extra 100 points. It’s super easy! SOREADYFORSPRING – 100 points While you are in your account be sure to pop over and check the offers page. Right now there are a […]

A Lesson In Contentment (Or Maybe I Was Just Being Cheap?)

Recently I think I experienced a lesson in contentment, or else I was just being cheap. You can decide for yourself but as I was starting to write this blog post a light bulb went off inside my head. I am 99% sure my feelings were an example in the shift of my thinking as […]