How to Conceal a Wallpaper Patch – Home DIY

Do you have wallpaper in your home? If you do, is there an area that bothers you because there is a hole in the paper from something that used to be on that wall? If so, it is possible to patch the wallpaper as you probably know. However, do you realize that there is a […]

Our Garage Sale Dud – Revamped TV Table

Every year we have a humongous garage sale in May and all year long we keep it in mind as we clean, organize, declutter, purge and rearrange. Every year we also end up selling at the sale pieces of odd furniture we have acquired from other garage sales (with the best intentions to “do something […]

How to Use Egg Shells in the Garden – DIY Free Fertilizer

At our home we eat a lot of eggs; Jim typically eats 6 egg whites every morning. That is a lot of eggs which results in a ton of egg shells. Up until a month ago we were throwing away all those egg shells. But then we read about an easy way to use the […]

How to Turn a $2 Frame Into a Family Collage Wall

For a long time we have had a gallery of family photos hanging on a wall in our home.  It included about 20 different photos of various family members and they were all different size photos. We scoured thrift stores and garage sales and found similar frames and spray painted them all one color for a […]

How to Make a Recycled Ladder Shelf

Have you ever seen an old or broken ladder set out for the trash, or stumbled upon one super cheap at a garage sale?  We have, and here is an idea for you for the next time  you see them again! Recycled ladder shelving An old ladder can become extra shelving in your garage or […]

How to Make a Free Garden Dragonfly – Using Repurposed Funky Junk

By now you know we love projects, and we also love to save items that we think we can repurpose down the line into something new, creative and fun.  It’s kind of a passion, and Jim is the BEST at saving items and envisioning them as something else. Sunday he was outside, which is usual […]

Free Garden Pathway Expansion – Using Wood Pallets

I am so excited!  Our back gardens are looking better than ever and Jim just completed an expansion of our garden pathway to link the back door to one of the gardens.  It’s something that we’ve been meaning to do for a while, and he happened to have the rototiller out so we planned the […]

DIY How To Make an American Flag From Reclaimed Pallet Wood

In our family Kelli’s Dad has a huge love of all things patriotic, especially those relating to the Veterans and active members of the military.  He devotes countless hours to the local Veteran’s groups, holds positions in the Polish Legion of American Veterans, runs the local Poppy Drive, is a member of the Color Guard […]

How To Make Flip Flop Party Invitations (Your Guest Will Be Amazed)

Oh my!  We received THE coolest party invitation in the mail yesterday and we were just amazed.  We thought it was the most fun idea ever and wanted to share it with you guys since you are all so clever and we know you appreciate different things. It was a flip flop – no envelope, […]

How to Keep Birds From Living in Your Hanging Flower Baskets

If you are like us, you’ve experienced this problem before.  You purchase a lovely hanging flower basket (or you are lucky enough to be given one for Mother’s Day, your birthday, etc.) and a little birdie decides to take up residence in it.   How to Keep Birds From Living in your Hanging Flower Baskets […]