Traffic Ticket – Do You Just Pay It or Opt For Court?

I totally forgot to tell you all about the traffic ticket I was issued a couple of weeks ago when we traveled down state to IKEA! Mistakenly I turned right on a red light at the intersection that does not allow for that. I had absolutely no idea and was shocked to see red lights […]

Will You Be Paying Cash for Christmas?

Will you be paying cash for Christmas this year? I just happened to see that Christmas is a measly 60 some days away! What do I mean by paying cash for Christmas? I mean will you be able to buy all your holiday gifts & buy all the food and beverages needed for your holiday […]

Budgeting Works – Why We Didn’t Mind Getting This $1200 Bill

Here I go again, taking a moment to tell you (again) that budgeting works. We just received our semi-annual bill for our auto insurance via email and the amount due isn’t small change.  It is over $1200, which I am sure is similar to what many of you pay to insure your automobiles. Insurance is […]

Bank Day For New Monthly Budget – How We Do It

Today is bank day for new monthly budget for July. Since taking Financial Peace University over a year ago we have stuck with the monthly budgeting system Dave Ramsey teaches in the class. It was a little odd to get used to at first, because we never (ever) used cash. Sixteen months after finishing the […]

Our Enchanted Dinner at Iridescence Inside Motor City Casino Hotel

Recently we were invited by Motor City Casino Hotel in Detroit to dine at Iridescence, the only AAA 4 Diamond Award-winning restaurant in Detroit. You know we love an adventure, so we accepted the invitation! (Thank you to the fantastic staff of Motor City Casino & Hotel for this sponsored opportunity to experience Iridescence.) We […]

Stamp Out Hunger – Letter Carrier Food Drive This Weekend

This weekend is the Stamp Out Hunger food drive. It is the 25th year the letter carriers nationwide will be accepting your donations of non-perishable foods. It is actually the 25th annual national Letter Carriers’ Food Drive! 25 years of helping our communities! Stamp Out Hunger When? This Saturday, May 13 2017. On Saturday, all you […]

13 Easter Egg Hunt Tips For a Perfect Hunt

For the past 16 years or so we have organized an Easter Egg Hunt for our nieces and nephews.  What started out as a small activity for just a couple of youngsters has grown and expanded into a family affair that involves both sides of our family including 7 kids under 18 and 12 adults […]

A Lesson In Contentment (Or Maybe I Was Just Being Cheap?)

Recently I think I experienced a lesson in contentment, or else I was just being cheap. You can decide for yourself but as I was starting to write this blog post a light bulb went off inside my head. I am 99% sure my feelings were an example in the shift of my thinking as […]

One Year Since We Graduated Financial Peace University – Here Is Our Update

The other day I glanced on the fridge (where we proudly have our completion certificate) and realized it has been one year since we have graduated from Financial Peace University. One year already. When we first started our journey on Financial Peace and decided to learn all about Dave Ramsey’s method for handling money we […]

Yes, We Watch WWE – We Saw WWE Live This Week

Yes, we watch WWE. Yes, we enjoy it! As a matter of fact Jim and I have been watching professional wrestling on television since we started dating way back in the 1980’s. (Yes, we have been together for a long time, a blissful 33 years if you count from when we first starting “going together” […]