13 Easter Egg Hunt Tips For a Perfect Hunt

For the past 16 years or so we have organized an Easter Egg Hunt for our nieces and nephews.  What started out as a small activity for just a couple of youngsters has grown and expanded into a family affair that involves both sides of our family including 7 kids under 18 and 12 adults […]

A Lesson In Contentment (Or Maybe I Was Just Being Cheap?)

Recently I think I experienced a lesson in contentment, or else I was just being cheap. You can decide for yourself but as I was starting to write this blog post a light bulb went off inside my head. I am 99% sure my feelings were an example in the shift of my thinking as […]

One Year Since We Graduated Financial Peace University – Here Is Our Update

The other day I glanced on the fridge (where we proudly have our completion certificate) and realized it has been one year since we have graduated from Financial Peace University. One year already. When we first started our journey on Financial Peace and decided to learn all about Dave Ramsey’s method for handling money we […]

Yes, We Watch WWE – We Saw WWE Live This Week

Yes, we watch WWE. Yes, we enjoy it! As a matter of fact Jim and I have been watching professional wrestling on television since we started dating way back in the 1980’s. (Yes, we have been together for a long time, a blissful 33 years if you count from when we first starting “going together” […]

What Have We Been Up To? We’ve Missed You!

It is a new year, and as I sit in the office contemplating getting back to a somewhat normal routine I wanted to compose this post. I am not sure who I am kidding, the normal routine probably won’t start until tomorrow! The bank is shut today, the post office isn’t delivering … that makes […]

Rural Life – We Now Have a Dollar General Store

Oh my goodness , our tiny little town has some major rocking news – we now have a Dollar General store. Yes, it is true, Sterling’s Dollar General is open for business. Living in a tiny rural town may be foreign to so many of you, but it is the life we lead. Until this […]

Wall Art From The Thrift Store Equals Big Deposit at the Bank – eBay Flip

You probably already know that we sell on eBay and from time to time we share an eBay flip score with you to encourage you to consider using eBay (or Craigslist or Facebook yard sale pages) to sell (often called “flipping”) and earn some extra money. You can read our previous You Sold That For […]

The First Time We’ve Ever Felt This Way About a Tax Bill

For many of you we know that twice a year you get a tax bill in the mail for your property taxes if you own a home. In Michigan our property tax bills are split into a Summer and a Winter tax bill. A few weeks ago our Summer property tax bill arrived in the […]

Soaring Eagle Casino Concert Tickets – Veterans Save 50% Off

We just bought two Soaring Eagle Casino concert tickets and because Jim is a Veteran and has the HERO Card his ticket was 50% off! That is a great perk and we wanted to share the news with you guys. We’ve told you before about the Soaring Eagle Casino HERO program for active duty, retired […]

Do You Know About Our Daily Email Newsletter Summary?

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you know we post all sorts of helpful articles and tips/tricks, deals, freebies and coupon. We know you are not in front of your computer all day long, so you may miss something along the way. That doesn’t have to be the case! Don’t worry if you […]