Groupon Deal – A Christmas Story The Musical in Detroit

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If you are a fan of musicals and like a good Groupon deal, then check out nice price on A Christmas Story the Musical coming to the Fox Theatre in Detroit!

Show dates are December 20 through December 24.


We just nabbed 2 tickets because we enjoy (ok, I love) a good musical and A Christmas Story is one of our all time favorite movies. It’s become tradition that we catch it at least one time during the usual television marathon on Christmas Eve.

Groupon deal details



You can pick from several price tiers on the Groupon deal, we went with the middle option. For $68 we have two tickets to A Christmas Story the Musical. That is a savings of over $7 per ticket AND the stupid Ticketmaster fees.

If we were to log on to Ticketmaster and buy similar tickets the price would be $41.50 each and there would be stupid crazy add on fees totaling a whopping $116.80! That is $33.80 in additional fees that you skip if you grab the Groupon.

Here is a screen shot of an order we started for the same date on Ticketmaster:


The Groupon deal saves you a ton of cash when you take into account the add on fees.

Plus, we are staying the night for free at Motor City Casino with their Stay for Free promotion. You can find out more about the promotion that is still available here.

Discount theatre tickets AND a free hotel stay in Detroit? We are all over that!



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