How to Conceal a Wallpaper Patch – Home DIY

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Do you have wallpaper in your home? If you do, is there an area that bothers you because there is a hole in the paper from something that used to be on that wall?

If so, it is possible to patch the wallpaper as you probably know. However, do you realize that there is a way to conceal a wallpaper patch on a wall so it is barely noticeable at all?

In this short video Jim shares with you a common wallpaper patching mistake and a better way to complete the patch.

During his years of owning his own wallcovering and painting business he has amassed a large amount of useful information such as this tip, and he has decided that from time to time he is going to share these ideas with you. Isn’t that brilliant? You can draw on the knowledge and experience of a seasoned professional without spending any money. We know that most of you are always up for a DIY project or fix, so we hope that you will find this information not only entertaining but useful as well.

Enjoy the video, and remember you can find more of our videos on our The Clever Couple You Tube channel.

How to Conceal a Wallpaper Patch



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