Get to know the The Clever Couple!

So just who is the The Clever Couple?

Meet us-Jim & Kelli Shaw, high school sweethearts and career entrepreneurs that know the value of the hard earned dollar.  We have a mad passion for enjoying the most out of every day! We love to save money, travel, do DIY projects and more. We enjoy showing others how to save money too.

Jim is a Veteran, and we spent several years living in Scotland. When we came back to the states we knew in our hearts we wanted to be in control of our destiny; we launched several businesses. We are the proud owners of Dream-Adventures, an online business that specializes in selling 100% authentic designer women’s clothing and accessories.  We  are blessed to have been able to quit our “real world” jobs to come to work from home full time and have seen rapid growth in our business ever since.

We are blessed with 8 amazing nieces and nephews that we just love to spoil!

Saving money has always been important to us;  we were both brought up by loving parents that instilled the value of the dollar and also the zest to enjoy life to it’s fullest.  We enjoy life every single day and are by no means boring, frugal people that do nothing.  Just the opposite!  Saving money on everyday items like groceries, personal hygiene items, restaurant meals, travel, events, household maintenance, utilities and everyday expenses  has become a way of life for us.  Because of this, we have been able to enjoy life and the dollars we save –and spend it on fun!

When we started to share our methods for saving money and the amazing deals we find, people encouraged us to start a website that would explain in detail how the average person can save money.  So, ThriftyCouponCouple was born.  Through the years we realized that we were not interested in being the all inclusive couponing website because while we love using coupons, we love many other things as well.

In 2015 we redesigned our website and changed our name to The Clever Couple. Now along with money saving deals and coupons we are bringing you more lifestyle posts including:

DIY projects

Travel & adventures

Product reviews


Thrifty tips for everyday life

Health & fitness information

We hope you realize that we consider you a blessing in our lives; the fact that you let us enter your precious world and enjoy our website is an honor. We promise to continue to bring you the best information we can …. and to have fun too!