Save $2 on Gallo Wines – Printable Coupon or Rebate

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Wine lovers (me included) will delight with this printable coupon from Gallo Family Vineyards on Facebook.  If your state doesn’t allow coupons for alcoholic beverages (like Michigan), you will receive a printable rebate form.  Works for me;  $2 is $2!

When you “like” their page, click the little arrow on the left side that says “more” to see the tab that says “Enjoy Our Wines”.  Click that for the $2 coupon page.

Please note that alcohol beverage laws vary by state. Some states allow for instantly redeemable coupons, while others allow for mail-in rebates only. Alcohol beverage coupons are not permitted in the following states: AL, AR, HI, IN, ME, MN, MS, MO, NH, NC, PA, TX, UT



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