Swagbucks Amazon & Target Gift Cards On Sale

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Are you a Swagbucks fan? If so, hop on over to your Swagbucks account and you may decide it is time to redeem some of your points for an Amazon or Target gift card. That is because Amazon & Target gift cards on sale at Swagbucks (they are showing up 12% off in our account)!

We just redeemed 2200 points for an Amazon gift card; this is normally  2500 points.


Target gift cards were also marked 12% off.

We have had our Swagbucks sitting around for a while, so this markdown spurred us to spend some of them.

We noticed other offers too, like 20% off Bass Pro Shops gift cards.


What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a website. You can install the Swagbucks toolbar on your computer and instead of searching Google (which I do at least 20 times a day), search with the SwagBucks toolbar. It provides results like Google does and you earn SwagBucks that go into your account. The points keep adding up and you can redeem them for products and gift cards. As you can see, we like to use ours for the gift cards, which come in handy at Christmas time. A $5 Amazon card is just 500 SwagBucks and they add up quick!

You can also earn extra SwagBucks by starting at their website before you shop online (kind of like Ebates). You can also add Swagbucks by answering surveys, exploring their site, playing games and entering codes that are found online. Honestly we do not spend much time on other activities on their site, but we do love the search bar.

It is really easy to redeem the SwagBucks for gift cards, it takes just a couple of clicks online and the conversion takes place. Once you have redeemed your points you are given a gift card code to use on Amazon. There are tons of other places you can redeem points for gift cards too, but we tend to shop on Amazon a lot so we love the gift cards there.

Visit Swagbucks and sign up.

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