September’s Already Half Over – A Saving Nudge

Well here we are, mid way through September already. Am I nuts, or is this time going faster and faster? Christmas decorations are popping up in stores (Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, etc…) and admittedly I have already started picking up a few holiday gifts. When I did I used the Capital One debit card (NOT a […]

Saving: Are You at $666 or $1242?

Happy Friday! If you are loyal participant in the 52 Week Saving Challenge then after you take a minute to make this week’s (week 36) deposit you will already have $666 or $1242 in the bank! It depends on if you are working the plan traditionally or backwards. Backwards means you started with $52 deposits […]

Headed Out the Door – But We Wanted To Remind You

Another crazy weekend on the horizon for us and maybe for you as well. It’s the last big hurrah of Summer, Labor Day weekend. What are your fun plans? We are headed out the door in about 30 minutes but before we go I am making our 52 Week Saving Challenge deposit and I want […]

Saving Money Rocks – Don’t Miss Your Deposit

In the past 10 days, I’ve spent 2 nights in my own bed. It’s been a whirlwind of fun, but I want to be sure I stay focused on our savings plan. Are you feeling the same way? Are you trying to get in one last road trip or family vacation before the end of […]

Week 32 Already

It is August, it is nearly the end of Summer and it is Friday. Again. Already. Anyone else feeling like the time is flying by? It is also week 32 in the 52 Week Saving Challenge and this is your friendly reminder to make your deposit! For week 32, deposit $32 or $21 if you […]

Summer is Busy – Don’t Stop Saving Money

We will be the first to admit that Summer is busy. That means it is easy to overlook certain tasks on your weekly to do list (like saving money) because other things always seem to pop up that take you away from your normal routine. Right? We can’t be the only ones that are finding […]

We’re Over Half Way Now – 52 Week Saving Challenge

Can you believe the year is more than half over? Crazy, but true. In fact there is less than 24 weeks until Christmas. Will you be ready for the holiday shopping with money you have set aside for that purpose? Hopefully your answer is yes; using credit cards to finance Christmas is not a good […]

Who Has $26 to Deposit?

The last Friday in June is here; can you believe it? Eeek! This Friday is week 26 in the 52 week saving challenge. Before you kick off your holiday celebrations be sure to take a couple minutes and set aside your weekly contribution to the plan. You will be so glad you did!  Imagine $1378 […]

Week 25 – Let’s Do This

Happy Friday everyone, and happy week 25 in the 52 week saving challenge. We’ve got this, right?  Imagine $1378 sitting in a bank account, earmarked for whatever you wish (maybe a vacation, maybe holiday gift giving, maybe a home remodeling project, maybe towards a new car, the list could go on and on). The idea is […]

We Hope It Is Already a Habit – Weekly Savings

Oh my my, we hope it is already a habit for you to be making your weekly savings deposit for the 52 Week Saving Challenge. Is it? Have you been making those weekly deposits even though we have not been reminding you? If so – hooray! If not, it isn’t a big deal to catch […]