Move Furniture Easily – Repurpose Foam Furniture Protectors (Freebie Tip)

When you are cleaning, painting, rearranging furniture or having the carpets cleaned it is always such a pain to move the furniture out of the way. Jim’s devised a clever way to move furniture easily, and you can accomplish this by yourself! He repurposes foam furniture protectors that he gets for free from furniture dealerships […]

How to Make a Free Garden Dragonfly – Using Repurposed Funky Junk

By now you know we love projects, and we also love to save items that we think we can repurpose down the line into something new, creative and fun.  It’s kind of a passion, and Jim is the BEST at saving items and envisioning them as something else. Sunday he was outside, which is usual […]

Can You Believe This Was Free? Repurposed Wicker Hamper – Storage Box

We love a good deal.  We love a garage sale.  We love even more when we stumble upon something that is free, something we know we can re-purpose and use in our home. It’s time for another installment of…. Can you believe this was free? During a recent garage sale day one house that we […]

DIY Thrifty Plastic Bag Pourer With Cap – Using a Bottle To Store Rice, Beans, Candy & More

Do you love new ideas for things?  Do you know what you can do with an empty plastic bottle?  We do!  Jim converts them into plastic bag caps for items like candies, rice, beans, etc. Watch his video showing how to do it: By using these to store food items it helps to keep them […]