Why This Veteran Prefers Lowes vs Home Depot – Military Discount

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Recently we stopped into a Lowes store and found out about their new Military Discount program. As a military veteran family we are happy to see retail stores extending benefits to those that have served our country.

Lowes vs Home Depot Military Discount

Home Depot’s military discount program is only for active, retired and disabled Veterans. Lowes 10% military discount program is for all Veterans. Anyone who is serving or has honorably served in the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or National Guard is eligible for a the Lowes military discount.

That is a big difference, and a reason we will be choosing to spend our money at Lowes instead of Home Depot. Plus, when you make an online purchase and are logged into your MyLowes account, you can score free parcel shipping! Free shipping – that is a big benefit that isn’t really widely advertised.


With the new MyLowes member card your military veteran status is linked to the card. This eliminates you having to show ID and request the military discount every time you check out. The military service information is stored on the MyLowes card. You simply show the MyLowes card when you check out and the military discount is applied. The MyLowes card also tracks your purchases so you can know what you bought and when. You can log into your online account and pull up all  your purchase information. We see this being very helpful for things like paint colors and more.

Signing up is easy

It took about 2 minutes for us to sign up for the MyLowes account and link Jim’s military service. Visit Lowes.com to get started. Click to sign up for the MyLowes card (remember this is NOT a credit card, but a member card.) Once you sign up for the card then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Military Discount on the far right column. You will be prompted to enter in your information again including your departure date from the military and your branch of service. Your departure date can be found on your DD214. You do not have to enter your social security number.

Once you submit that information, you will see a confirmation screen like this:


If you have any specific questions about the MyLowes military discount you may find this FAQ page helpful.

You can also sign up for the MyLowes card at any Lowes store and link your military service in the store, with the required proof of service.

Free shipping and discount

We just placed an order for moving boxes. We saved 10% and scored free shipping! SCORE!


In our opinion, Lowes wins hands down when compared to Home Depot and their military discount program.





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