A Lesson In Contentment (Or Maybe I Was Just Being Cheap?)

Recently I think I experienced a lesson in contentment, or else I was just being cheap. You can decide for yourself but as I was starting to write this blog post a light bulb went off inside my head. I am 99% sure my feelings were an example in the shift of my thinking as […]

You Sold That For How Much? Thrift Store Find Turns Into $58 Profit – eBay Flip Story

We just had a great eBay flip sale this week and wanted to share it with you. We’ve encouraged you before to earn extra money by selling items on eBay and we hope these real life examples get you motivated to give it a whirl. (Did you know that we sell on eBay and Amazon […]

Can You Get Two Months Free Homeowners Insurance? We Did!

Imagine two months free homeowners insurance. Let me explain….I’ve never been happy to get a bill in the mail (or in my email inbox), especially a bill that is over $1000. Until now. Maybe happy is the wrong word; maybe confident is better. Now that we are one plus year into our life changing ways […]

If You Bought Dairy Products Since 2003, You May Be Eligible For Settlement

We just heard about this class action lawsuit for those that bought dairy products and wanted to share it with you. In the past we’ve been skeptical about these types of lawsuits. However, last year we did receive a check for around $30 from a Kashi settlement! If you bought dairy products like milk or […]

Wall Art From The Thrift Store Equals Big Deposit at the Bank – eBay Flip

You probably already know that we sell on eBay and from time to time we share an eBay flip score with you to encourage you to consider using eBay (or Craigslist or Facebook yard sale pages) to sell (often called “flipping”) and earn some extra money. You can read our previous You Sold That For […]

The First Time We’ve Ever Felt This Way About a Tax Bill

For many of you we know that twice a year you get a tax bill in the mail for your property taxes if you own a home. In Michigan our property tax bills are split into a Summer and a Winter tax bill. A few weeks ago our Summer property tax bill arrived in the […]

Dave Ramsey Books Just $10 – Hardcover & Audio – $10 Sale

By now if you are loyal readers you know we are turned onto Dave Ramsey and his financial teachings. We wanted you to know about a super sale! Dave Ramsey books just $10 during the $10 sale going on through the end of May. Over 50 of Dave’s books and tools are on sale for […]

Homemade Laundry Soap Recipe

The other day while doing laundry I realized that the bottle of liquid detergent was nearly empty so I reached for another bottle and was surprised to find that I was on my last bottle of detergent! Gasp, right? I even checked the “second spot” where I sometimes stash extra items and there was no […]

Zaycon Fresh Chicken Breast Sale – $1.69 a Pound

One of the best ways we cut down on our food bill is to take advantage of a Zaycon Fresh chicken breast sale and stock up our freezer. This way chicken is ready to be pulled out for a quick dinner recipe. Knowing we have high quality chicken breasts has stopped us from wasting so […]

Jimmy John’s $1 Sandwiches – 4/21 Only

If you love a deal or love a good sandwich, head over for Jimmy John’s $1 Sandwiches Customer Appreciation sale on 4/21/16. On April 21st from 11:00am to 3:00pm you can visit a participating Jimmy John’s store and order up a yummy sammy for just $1. There are a few stipulations, including: Pick from sandwich […]