Our $35 Money Maker at Meijer – Make Sure To Fill Your Prescriptions There

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This post is for our Meijer shoppers!  Did you know that the Catalina machines at Meijer are producing coupons good for high value shopping vouchers when you use the Meijer Pharmacy?

Here is an example:

Watch for these coupons when you shop, and use them if you have new or existing prescriptions to fill!  We had 2 prescriptions to fill and over the past 2 days have made $35!

The Catalinas are random, but we managed to get 2 in 4 check outs.  Here is a tip, if you have anything to buy do that first & see if you get the Catalina.  If you do, then go to get your prescription filled.  We had a $10 and a $15 Catalina print.

Transaction 1 we gave the $15 Catalina to the pharmacy tech when we picked up our script.  We paid for the script and then he gave us a $15 voucher good on any grocery or health/beauty purchase.  That was a $15 money maker!

The next day we went to fill script #2 and we had a $10 Catalina coupon BUT as we walked by the self check-out we noticed a couple of Catalina coupons sitting by the empty machines.  I glanced over and saw that one of the coupons was a Pharmacy one and it was for $20!!!  Score!!  (See photo above).  We took the 2nd script to the Pharmacy and when we paid for it we redeemed the coupon and the cashier gave us a $20 voucher.  SCORE AGAIN – this time a $20 money maker.

We would have filled the scripts anyway, so there was no extra cash out of pocket.  It was pure profit!

The Catalina says “when you use the Meijer Pharmacy” so it does not need to be a new prescription!  Even if you are not lucky enough to get the Catalina, look around the check out lanes because truthfully most shoppers either leave them or toss them in the garbage cans at the end of the lane.



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