Never Miss a Deal Again – Join Our New (And Super Fun) Facebook Group!

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We have heard from many of you that you are not happy with Facebook’s recent changes and how they determine what is appearing (and not appearing) in your News Feed.  We know many of you are no longer seeing our posts regularly, or that of other Facebook pages you enjoy.

There is no real way to fix that issue, so we have decided to act proactively and create a Facebook Group called Couponing With The Clever Couple.  You are all invited to join here!

Our original Facebook page will remain live and active, but we will be reposting those deals, freebies, coupon alerts and savings tips to our group page as well.  This way you will be in control of what you see and how you are notified.  Currently when we post on our Facebook page there is no way to notify you.  If you happen to be on Facebook at the time you may or may not see the post.  However with a group you can choose to be notified via Facebook whenever we post.

To join the group, go here and click “join group”.

Once you do, you will see our group listed on your left hand page of Facebook like this:

If you find the instant notifications are bothersome, you can turn them off by clicking the Settings tab on the page as shown below:

Then, you will still accumulate all the information but you will have to click the Group link as shown in the 1st photo above.  You may log in to see +6 next to our name, and that means 6 new deals have been posted since you last checked.

Joining the group is entirely optional, but we know many of you are frustrated and want to stay informed of the newest money saving information available.  We are hoping this will help.  Feel free to recommend the group to your friends and family and to post any questions or deals yourself.

Happy saving and join the group here.



  1. spyroworld says:

    Love it, great idea, thank you!!!

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