Huge Garage Sale is Coming – How We Are Getting Ready

Our huge garage sale is coming closer! Every year we have a big, huge garage sale at our home. It’s always the Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and it is always packed with happy shoppers and great treasures.   This is the 12th year (I think) that we are having the sale; we […]

Our Garage Sale Dud – Revamped TV Table

Every year we have a humongous garage sale in May and all year long we keep it in mind as we clean, organize, declutter, purge and rearrange. Every year we also end up selling at the sale pieces of odd furniture we have acquired from other garage sales (with the best intentions to “do something […]

Free Manwich When You Buy Buns – New Printable Coupon

Oooh this is perfect timing.  There is a new printable coupon out for free Manwich when you buy King’s Hawaiian buns. Why is this one a welcome sight for us?  Because we are getting ready for our epic garage sale that takes place on Memorial Day weekend and since it is BIG BIG BIG event […]

You Sold That For How Much? Our $0.50 to $32 eBay Flip

Last week we announced that we are going to start a new series that will showcase 1 item that we have sold on eBay for a profit.  The goal of our series is not only to entertain you (gosh, I hope this does that!) but to encourage you to think about selling items on eBay […]

Garage Sale Score – Check Out What $19 Bought

On Friday we hit the road for an hour long drive to a bustling community garage sale event in Oscoda, MI.  We had attended the community garage sale last year for the first time and really enjoyed it so we were excited to go again this year. We love that it starts on a Friday, […]

Can You Believe This Was Free? Repurposed Wicker Hamper – Storage Box

We love a good deal.  We love a garage sale.  We love even more when we stumble upon something that is free, something we know we can re-purpose and use in our home. It’s time for another installment of…. Can you believe this was free? During a recent garage sale day one house that we […]

Garage Sale Coming – Any Tips?

So our semi-famous 10th annual massive garage sale is coming up later this weekend!  It is 5/24 and 5/25. Do you garage sale?  If so, do you have any tips or suggestions?  We’d love to hear them – please comment below. Here are some photos from years before – it is such a well attended […]

From Junky to Funky — Look What We Scored at a Garage Sale & Upcycled

You guys know us well enough to know we love the hunt of garage sales.  You just never know what you may stumble upon when you are shopping and about 6 weeks ago while we were out and about we found “it”.  What is “it”? Well, to some of you it may be hideous but […]

Our Garage Sale Score of the Day – And What Not To Say!

Today we had a few hours before Kelli’s radiation appointment so we decided to hit some garage sales.  You know how it is, sometimes you shop sales and you find a lot of nice stuff and other days you don’t really end up with much. Well today was a good day – but it was […]

Local Readers – Join Us For Our Garage Sale!

We are having our 9th Annual Mega Garage Sale this weekend, so if you are out and about feel free to stop in and say hello!  We’d love to meet you! We’ve got over 3200 square feet filled to the brim with treasures along with tents and shelving outside too!  This is a blend of […]