September’s Already Half Over – A Saving Nudge

Well here we are, mid way through September already. Am I nuts, or is this time going faster and faster? Christmas decorations are popping up in stores (Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, etc…) and admittedly I have already started picking up a few holiday gifts. When I did I used the Capital One debit card (NOT a […]

We’re Over Half Way Now – 52 Week Saving Challenge

Can you believe the year is more than half over? Crazy, but true. In fact there is less than 24 weeks until Christmas. Will you be ready for the holiday shopping with money you have set aside for that purpose? Hopefully your answer is yes; using credit cards to finance Christmas is not a good […]

Week 18 & 19 – A Double Dip

Sometimes life gets a little crazy, right? Well that has been a good summary of our life the past couple of weeks! Hopefully by now you are in the habit of making your weekly deposit if you are part of the 52 Week Saving Challenge because we forgot to remind you last week! OK, we […]

Don’t Forget About Week 17

Reminder! Don’t forget about week 17 of the challenge! What challenge? You should know already – the fabulously frugal, super smart 52 Week Saving Challenge! It is week 17 (already); take a minute and set aside your $17, or $36 if you are working the plan backwards (that is what we do).  Imagine $1378 sitting […]

Set Money Aside For the Holidays or Vacation – Week 16

Are you committed to set money aside for the holidays or vacation or some other special reason? Is your method of saving the 52 Week Saving Challenge like it is for us? If so – we think you are brilliant! This is week 16 of the challenge, so take a minute and set aside your […]

Reminder to Make Your Weekly Deposit

This is a reminder to make your weekly deposit for the 52 week saving challenge. It is week 14. Imagine $1378 sitting in a bank account, earmarked for whatever you wish (maybe a vacation, maybe holiday gift giving, maybe a home remodeling project, maybe towards a new car, the list could go on and on). The idea […]

Lucky Number 13? Make the Deposit

Is your lucky number 13? I don’t think I have a lucky number really; maybe 26 (the day we were married)? Anyway, week 13 is upon us so take a second to make your weekly deposit for the 52 week saving challenge. Isn’t it amazing to think that tomorrow is April already? I was reading […]

One Year Since We Graduated Financial Peace University – Here Is Our Update

The other day I glanced on the fridge (where we proudly have our completion certificate) and realized it has been one year since we have graduated from Financial Peace University. One year already. When we first started our journey on Financial Peace and decided to learn all about Dave Ramsey’s method for handling money we […]

Double Digits – Week 10 of the 52 Week Saving Challenge

We hit double digits! It is week 10 of the 52 week saving challenge already. Hopefully you had a good week, a productive week and managed to squeeze in some fun too. We did, and we are looking forward to a little getaway Monday-Tuesday. That is right, we have a four day weekend on the […]

Number Nine Already – Happy March

It is number nine already! Week number nine in our trek on the fabulously awesome 52 Week Saving Challenge. This savings plan excites me a lot because I know it works. I know from past experience (we’ve done this 3 years in a row) you will love (love love love) the feeling at the end […]