Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts Just $1.27/lb (New Zaycon Customers)

Have you been on the fence about trying Zaycon Fresh boneless, skinless chicken breasts? If so – now is the time because they just launched a whopper of a promotional discount for new members and you can get boneless skinless chicken breasts just $1.27 per pound! The chicken breast regular price is $1.89 per lb. […]

Nationwide Deal on Fresh Bulk Chicken Breasts for $1.48/lb

Right now Zaycon Fresh is offering a limited time discount on their fresh boneless chicken breasts for just $1.48 a pound – through 9/19/17 only. Head to Zaycon Fresh and place your order. Use code QUICK148 for the special pricing. A few times a year we are thrilled to tell you about the super deal on […]

Ground Beef $2.33 Per Pound & New 1lb Packages From Zaycon Fresh

Big big news from Zaycon Fresh! Their delicious farm fresh ground beef is now being packaged in convenient 1 pound packages! No more dividing the larger size packs into single serving portions before you freeze the beef. Hooray, right? We love this switch! Take advantage of this new packaging and save 22% off your order for […]

How To Get a Super Deal on Fresh Bulk Chicken Breasts Nationwide

A few times a year we are thrilled to tell you about the super deal on fresh bulk chicken breasts that is available nationwide. Now is one of those times you can score a super deal! Wondering why there is just a limited window of opportunity to snag a bargain like this? It is because […]

Zaycon Fresh New Member Discount – Save 20%

How about a Zaycon Fresh new member discount code? Did that grab your attention? For the past few years Zaycon Fresh is the only place we buy our boneless, skinless chicken breasts and ground beef. It is farm fresh and delivered locally plus the pricing fits right in our budget. Here is a video to […]

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System With Starter Kit – Amazon Hot Deal

We’ve been mulling over getting the FoodSaver vacuum sealing system for over a year, but didn’t want to drop nearly $100 on it. Today may be the day – it is Amazon’s Deal of the Day and you can snag the FoodSaver vacuum sealing system with starter kit for just $56.49. Free shipping is included […]

Easy 2 Ingredient Healthy Foil Pocket Chicken Breast

We love an easy recipe and the Easy 2 Ingredient Healthy Foil Pocket Chicken Breast is just that. Honestly, we had chicken breast to use up and I didn’t have any lemons to make the lemon chicken breast recipe I had saved from another website so I decided to just wing it. For this recipe […]

Ground Beef $2.18 Per Pound

Lowest price ever on Zaycon Fresh ground beef! It seems we’ve been talking about Zaycon Fresh a lot lately but the deals they have been rolling out are exciting (to us anyway). Through 2/25/17 you can nab a super deal on ground beef using code GBDEAL at checkout when you place your Zaycon Fresh order. […]

Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts Sale – $1.39 a Pound

Listen up! Zaycon Fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts sale just got better. Lower. Cheaper. Less expensive. You get the idea….price drop baby! $1.39 a pound, with code 139DEAL at checkout, through 2/13/17 only. Order your cheap chicken breasts at Zaycon Fresh. We know we’ve told you about Zaycon Fresh before, but we seriously love this […]

Price Drop! Zaycon Fresh Boneless Chicken Breasts Just $1.49 a Pound

Zaycon Fresh boneless chicken breasts are just $1.69 per pound. Price drop! Zaycon Fresh chicken breasts are now $1.49 a pound with code FRESHSALE. The sales price is only good through 1/22/17, so if you need to restock your freezer with high quality boneless skinless farm fresh chicken breasts be sure and place your Zaycon Fresh […]